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Welcome to the PGR of WA Board of Directors page.

The Board of Directors’ legal name is Washington State Patriot Guard Riders, abbreviated as WSPGR, or more commonly known as PGR of WA.

WSPGR was Incorporated in the State of Washington as a Not-for-Profit Corporation on 4/19/2007. The IRS granted 501(c)(3) status on 3/5/2010 effective as of 4/19/2007. WSPGR is registered under the WA Charitable Solicitations Act and is also approved and accepted into all CFC campaigns in Washington State.

All donations and contributions received by WSPGR are used for operating expenses and supporting other Veteran’s Programs as needed. We are just one of many Charitable Organizations that Honor and Support Our Nations Heroes of all classifications; Active, Retired, Wounded, Disabled, or Otherwise. Therefore, if we get the call for an opportunity to assist for such an Honorable cause, we answer that call by all available means within our legal and financial capacity.

Operating expense examples:

  • Procurement of flags for flag lines
  • Plaques and Challenge Coins which we present to Our Nation’s Hero’s Next of Kin
  • Teddy Bears for the Children of Our Fallen Heroes.

Support of the General Membership:

  • Supply Support Vehicles with the necessary comfort items on Missions such as coffee, water and refreshments. Some items such as patches, banners, hats, pins and armbands are also available for procurement in some of the Support Vehicles.

Some Organizations WSPGR has supported in the past include:

  • Time of Remembrance
  • Warrior Women
  • Captain Joseph House
  • CW2 Vose, US Army, Memorial Fundraiser

WSPGR also funds projects as needed under the Patriot Guard Riders HOTH (Help on the Homefront) Program

The Board meets on a quarterly basis during the months of January, April, July and October. The membership consists of a representation from all areas of Washington State. We alternate locations between Eastern and Western Washington. Meetings are open to all members in good standing.

Directors also act as Committee participants for specific projects/items of business as necessary. An example is organizing the Annual Gathering of the Guard weekend that takes place every July in conjunction with the Board Meeting.

The Board encourages and welcomes any and all members to attend our meetings. Opportunities to become involved with ongoing projects are always present.

Meet your Board of Directors:
Chutzpah Tracy Kim (TK) "Chutzpah" Johnson
Vice Chairman:
Faceplant Rick "Faceplant" McLachlin
Spellcheck Robert "Spellcheck" Jennings
Peggy Lusk
Steve “Wingmaster” Fryer

Dirt Jim "BikerVet" Dickson
Dirt Lee Brown
Bill “Chopper” Frost
Robert "Beaconkeeper" Heili
Greg "Ridgerunner" Wallace

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