Board of Directors 2015 2nd Quarter Meeting April 25th, 2015 Ellensburg, WA

Washington State
Patriot Guard Riders

Board of Directors
2015 2nd Quarter Meeting
April 25th, 2015
Ellensburg, WA

Opening of Meeting
Board Chair Tracy Kim “Chutzpah” brought the meeting to order at 11:00
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll call – quorum is present


Tracy Kim “Chutzpah” Johnson Peggy Lusk-Late (excused)
Rick “Faceplant” McLachlin
Angela “Pit Stop” Emery
Steve “Wingmaster” Fryer
Jim”BikerVet” Dickson

Lynn “Bulldog” Vaughn Neal “Stretch” Miller-Excused
Bill “Chopper” Frost Lee Brown-Excused
Robert “BeaconKeeper” Heili David “Duce” Van Duisen -Excused
Bob “Spellcheck” Jennings
Greg “Ridge Runner” Wallace

A word from:
The Chair (TK) – Coins are here. See me after meeting to sign out new inventory.
The new leather cases have a tucked lining
Jim motioned to return the tucked case and look for a new supplier.
Robert J 2nd

Treasurer (Peggy) – (Motion______ 2nd _____ Pass/Declined) no action taken.

Secretary (Angel) – Minutes from 1st quarter were sent out electronically, approved and posted on state website.

State Captain: Jim submitted an invoice for 10 flags to use at the Old Soldiers home each year for Gunny’s anniversary.
Rick Motioned to reimburse
Steve 2nd


GOTG Update (Faceplant & TK) – Anything new to report? The date had to be changed due to a clerical error on the part of the Campground. It will now be held July 24th-26TH 2015
Volunteers will be notified soon of where help is needed.


Old Business:
Tabled from last meeting – Presentation Bags for plaques (TK) – TK was contacted by an RC who has made protective keepsake quality pouches for some missions he has done. He has inquired about the possibility of a patch designed for sewing on to them. A design is pending at this time. Is this something we want to pursue?
Jim motioned to remove from agenda.
Rick 2nd


3 inch Patches – we are out
Action Item:
Will be reordered by Chair TK
12 inch-we still have plenty
Tk has found someone that can make 3 inch, 6 inch, and 12 inch WAPGR Decals the approximate cost for the 6 inch is $4.00
Rick motioned that we order 150 3 inch, 100 6 inch and 50 12 inch for the SV’s to have available for the members.
Action Item:
Chair TK will be ordering 150 3 inch, 100 6 inch and 50 12 inch WA state PGR decals once artwork is procured for production.


Action Item:
Stretch to set up CFC phone number, has it been done? – Yes


New Business:
Donation request from Time of Remembrance – (Stretch)
Historically the Board has approved a $2000 donation
There was discussion as to how much and what the cost to host a family was-approximately $300 per family.
Robert J motioned we donate $2500 this year
Robert H 2nd


Flag stands for the SW District-
Lynn presented a request that the board pay for 25 stands that can be used to hold flags when the number of people at missions is small. The cost would be $240.00 for material the labor would be donated.
Jim motioned that the board approve the request
Robert J 2nd
A follow up to the board is to happen after they have been used to see if we want to purchase more


Hats and Arm Band Patches for newly appointed RC’s-
Robert H motioned that the board purchase the maroon hat and arm band patch for (future)RCit’s that are being promoted to full RC status. The cost is $21.90 for the winter style hat & armband patch
Jim 2nd


$100 Donation to Northern CA PGR-
Lynn requested that the board approve a $100 donation to the Northern CA PGR to say Thank you for helping WA PGR with a special mission in which a replacement flag was presented to a Veteran’s family.
Jim motioned that the board approve the request
Steve 2nd


Coins for Honor Flight-
After much discussion
Robert H motioned that the board purchase the National PGR coin to present to returning Honor flight participates.
Angel 2nd
A hat was passed around and $155 was collected to be used toward the cost. Chair TK gave the $155 to Treasurer Peggy and specified it be used solely for this purpose. (Restricted donation).


Ship Stores in each SV-
Robert H brought up having official ship stores of national products in the SV’s
Jim motioned to not do this
Robert J 2nd


Second flag bag for SW District-
Robert H requested the Board to authorize a second flag bag be issued to the SW district.
Jim motioned
Rick 2nd


Robert H inquired about the first aid kits for SV’s that had previously been approved-Still being put together.  Robert also inquired about the approved seed money for the SV’s and how they were to get reimbursed.


Action Item:
TK is going to discuss with Peggy on how she wants to handle that process.


Jim requested that a letter be drafted and sent, via a service that requires Dave Kastel to sign.
The letter would instruct him to return the materials that are used by the State Captain. The materials were paid for by the BOD.
Action Item:
TK will draft and send letter after procuring inventory of items in question.


Lynn presented a handkerchief that is embroidered that could be presented to the widows he will look into the cost of ordering them and ask that it be put on the next agenda.
CFC was accepted and was still being processed we should know more by the 30th of April.

The funds that were requested to help with a burial cost had to be removed from the agenda due to not enough information to make a sound decision.


Good of the Order –
TK asked that in the future that all board members submit their business items in advance of the meeting so we can better plan for allotted time.


RC Kelly asked if each of the SV’s could have some of the cane/stools for some of the members to use if needed while in a flag line.


Action Item:
Jim said he could handle getting the donation of those items


Adjournment – 12:35 pm

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