Washington State BOD 1st QTR Minutes 26 February 2015

Washington State Patriot Guard Riders

Board of Directors
2015 1st Quarter Meeting
February 26th 2015

Opening of Meeting
Board Chair Tracy Kim “Chutzpah” brought the meeting to order at 20:01
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll call – quorum is present

Present: Lee Brown
Neal “Stretch” Miller

David “Duce” Van Duisen –
Tracy Kim “Chutzpah” Johnson

Lynn Vaughn
Angela “Angel” Emery

Steve “ Wingmaster” Fryer
Jim”BikerVet” Dickson
Bob “Spellcheck” Jennings
Robert “BeaconKeeper” Heili
Rick “Faceplant” McLachlin
Peggy Lusk
Bill “Chopper” Frost
Greg “Ridge Runner” Wallace


Treasurer (Peggy) – (Motion___Biker Vet_ 2nd ___BeaconKeeper_ Pass/Declined) Unanimous to accept
Secretary (Angel) – 4th Quarter 2014’s report was sent out last week
Stretch motioned; Spellcheck 2nd Unanimous to accept

Old Business:
Vice Chair Seat (TK) – Tabled from last meeting. No other candidates besides Faceplant for this position have stepped up. Do we wait again, or do we set up anonymous ballot through survey monkey to conform to By-Law regs?
BikerVet mentioned that Parliamentary rules state that since Faceplant was running unopposed we can/should hold a voice vote.
BikerVet motioned; 2nd: Wingmaster
Vote: Unanimous

CFC Restructuring (TK-Spellcheck) – Tabled from last meeting. The CFC of Washington requirements have changed, we need a dedicated phone number and an availability of an “office” that would be open 15 hrs per week.
Motion Angel motioned that under the guide lines we qualify for King County CFC because Peggy has a home office she is willing to use for the 15hours a week and Neal will set up a phone line. The BOD will then be notified when a call comes in and we are to respond if we are going to work it.
2nd- Duce
Vote: Unanimous

Action Item:
GOTG All call for volunteers to help with planning – TK to send, has it been done? – Yes

New Business:
Presentation Bags for plaques (TK) – TK was contacted by an RC who has made protective keepsake quality pouches for some missions he has done. He has inquired about the possibility of a patch designed for sewing on to them. A design is pending at this time. Is this something we want to pursue?
Motion BikerVet Motioned we table this item at least until a patch design has been submitted
2nd: Ridgerunner
Vote: Unanimous


Good of the Order –
Stretch mentioned he would be making a request for a donation to the Gold Star families again for time of Remembrance. TK will place under new business on next meeting’s agenda.


Adjournment –
Motion to adjourn-Wingmaster
2nd – Beaconkeeper
Chair adjourned the meeting at 21:03

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