Washington State Patriot Guard Riders Board of Directors 2015 4th Quarter Meeting November 14th, 2015 Ellensburg, WA

Washington State

Patriot Guard Riders

Board of Directors

2015 4th Quarter Meeting

November 14th, 2015

Ellensburg, WA

Call to Order – Rick called the meeting to order at 11:00

Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence –

Roll Call – (Quorum confirmed – Y/N) YES

Present: On conference call:
Rick “Faceplant” McLachlin Lynn “Bulldog” Vaughn
Angela “Pit Stop” Emery Bill “Chopper” Frost
Steve “Wingmaster” Fryer David “Duce” Van Duisen
Jim”BikerVet” Dickson Lee Brown-
Peggy Lusk Absent:
Robert “BeaconKeeper” Heili Neal “Stretch” Miller
Bob “Spellcheck” Jennings Tracy Kim “Chutzpah” Johnson-Excused
Greg “Ridge Runner” Wallace


A word from the Chair (TK) – Tk was not present and did not ask the co chair to share info at this time.

Treasurer (Peggy) – (Motion_Robert J_____ 2nd _Jim D____ Pass/Declined) Pass

Qtr info was sent out in September both expenses and income are down from same time last year. Since Bill’s service,the PGRofWA has received over $3000 in donations in his memory.

2014 GOTG cost more than 2015. Due to the Tshirts.

Angel will get them from Mark Telford.

Secretary (Angel) – 3rd Quarter minutes were approved electronically.

Old Business: (All tabled from last mtg.)

Embroidered Handkerchiefs (Lynn) – Any further info on pricing and design?-Nothing new this item was tabled until further notice.

Action Items:

Flag bag to SW District (Beaconkeeper) Has this been done? Yes. They have 2 bags now. West central has Key’s bags approved by State Captain Dickson.

State Decals (TK) – Have they been ordered? Sv’s have decals. This was supposed to be about patches.

After much discussion it was determined that TK can order 200 without the boards voting because it was within her spending allotment so we are asking her to just order 200 at this time.

Coin Leatherette Liners (TK) – Do we have smooth velvet? Yes some have been received Rick will get an update as to how many and report back to the board.

Donations Sent Out (TK & Peggy) – Time of Remembrance – $2500-Done

Richard Romano for flag holders – $240-Done

NorCal PGR for assisting with Flag Mission – $100-Done

Jim asked that Lynn contact Steve West for the cost of 75 additional flag holders.

Plaque Supplier “Back Up” for NW area (TK) – Have we found one? Robert Jennings found one in the Olypmic Peninsula area. Quoted cost to be $14 He will procure one for the board to approve.

A Bellevue company has quoted us $27

no final decision at this time.

Letter to former SC requesting return of BoD property (TK) – Status. Tk has drafted the letter and is waiting for the mailing address of where to send it too.

First Aid Kits and portable chairs for SVs (BikerVet) – Status. All the first aide kits were given to Beacon Keeper at GOTG. He has since distributed them to each person that has an official PGR Flag bag except for the SE District Captain who refused it because he does not have an official SV.

Jim was able to get the portable chairs through medical equipment donations.

It has been suggested that each of the Ride Captains have a first aid kit and Jim will find out the cost.

SV “Seed Money” (Peggy) – Have we come up with a procedure? Yes the $50 was advanced then with receipts they would be reimbursed.

Jim motioned we raise it to $100 Angel 2nd Robert Jennings asked about accountability the receipts are the proof. The State Captain has to supply an itemized report to national on how the money is spent. Discussion also included how many official SV’s do we have.

NE has 1/SW has 2/NW has 1 /Pen has 1 so 5 officially.

All in favor passed unanimously.

New Business:

Elections – Chairman (TK) it’s been another 2 years. (Tabled from last mtg.)

Jim nominated Rick with Peggy 2nd

Robert nominated TK with Angel 2nd

Much discussion on if the position was a burden to TK’s health we were able to speak to her to confirm she wanted to run for the position

TK was reelected 8-3.

Treasurer (Peggy) Stepped up 2 years ago. (Tabled from last mtg.)

Jim nominated Steve 2nd

Peggy was reelected unanimously

Secretary (Angel) Term is up.

Robert J nominated Angel and Jim 2nd

Angel was reelected unanimously

Robert J motioned for the election results to be excepted Jim 2nd -Unanimous

Moving BoD to Eastern WA (Neal) – Proposal to have 3rd Qtr BoD a couple of weeks later at TOR.

Dismissed until Neal can be present to introduce it.

CFC– Washington has been approved –national has not. The website will need to be updated to reflect this change. Jim motioned to have rebel make the changes Robert J 2nd –unanimous.

Good of the Order – BikerVet has information to pass on regarding Operations <-> BoD interoperations and Points of Contact.

Attendance in regard to BOD meetings. A letter will be drafted and sent regarding attendance. Board members that are that in name only hurt our ability to conduct meetings and effects out % for quorums. This will be part of the new business for the next meeting.

Adjournment – Angel motioned to adjourn at 12:30 Robert J second-unanimous.

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